MOAC Cooperate with Jadeite & CO for Blockchain Application


Jadeite & Co, an organization that provides the finest evaluation service for high-value jadeite, now aim to build a Jadeite & King Tong (JCT) digital currency on MOAC BlockChain. By using the JCT token, people can trade online NFT and offline artwork.


Jadeite & Co is an organization that provides the finest evaluation service for high value jadeite. It established an exclusive strategic partnership with Oxford University and the British Royal Family’s jewelry brand Asprey.

At present, Jadeite & King Jewellery has achieved the world’s first case of artwork as asset allocation and overseas banks to reach an artwork financial pledge project. It uses blockchain technology to develop an online artwork digital asset stable digital currency Jadeite & King Tong (JCT) with offline artwork as the carrier. Jadeite & Co is also actively working on the UK compliance of JCT to provide more secure and legal acceptance services to JCT holders. In addition, Jadeite & Co is also about to issue the volatile coin Rainbow Bonds (RBT) on the BiONE exchange. Rainbow Bonds (RBT) as an eco-coin will provide more welfare activities and usage scenarios to promote the development and application of JCT.

JCT is a decentralized platform of NFT+ synthetic assets based on the MOAC blockchain, and it anchors the value of cryptocurrency and gold as a digital currency, with 1 JCT anchoring the price of 1 ounce of gold. JCT has an independent third-party financial institution as the value of the guarantee commitment, through jade, diamonds, Swiss watches and other related financial cooperation projects and offline sales to obtain revenue, to hold users as a stable return on income. Anyone can easily use the Jade Gold platform to purchase high-return NFT products as well as personalized and customized business services and various types of offline products, or they can issue NFT products through the Jade Gold platform that require the consumption of JCT tokens.

Second, Jadeite & Co services.

Jadeite & Co uses existing high-end resources to provide JCT holders with the following high-quality exclusive services.

1. World-class Wei jadeite identification, laser coding and product traceability functions.

2. It is expected to go online in June based on JCT and Rainbow Bonds (RBT) using Jadeite & Co App, the App as a high-end rare artwork distribution center, providing artwork digital asset splitting function, providing a platform for multiple gains for users holding artwork and JCT, and expanding the audience group.

3. Open up the use of stable coin JCT, anchor gold value of stable coin, take “1:1” value matching, jade, diamond, celebrity oil painting and other artworks and gold according to the value of 4:4:2 ratio as a physical asset reserve, provide online combined with offline transaction mode.

4. Provide JCT customers with applications to top private schools in the UK (Harrow, Eton, etc.).

5. Provide JCT clients with applications to top 20 universities in the UK (including Oxford University’s PhD program).

6. Provide UK immigration services and proof of art sales and funding sources for clients holding JCT high quota.

7. For JCT high limit clients, we provide high level reception services for UK travel and provide first class air tickets, Rolls Royce transfers, personal butlers, five star hotel stays, etc. (depending on the level, the fees can be fully waived).

8. JCT high limit customers are invited to attend offline high-end private receptions of world-class jewelry brands, art collection exhibitions, etc. (local celebrities and even royal family members will attend).

9. Provide special customized services for JCT customers, according to customer’s requirements, and we can arrange anything within our capacity.

JCT is listed on BiONE Exchange on April 30, 2021, as the issuer will set customers who purchase JCT from the listing date will be rewarded with an additional 5% JCT after 1 month of ownership, the campaign ends on 6.1, redeemers can contact BiONE Exchange for submission.

For customers holding JCT can enjoy below market price to buy (or split to buy) various types of NFT high-end rare artworks, according to different artworks, arrange reverse lease income, secondary value-added transactions, top auctions and online art assets split to bring in revenue, revenue for specific quantification, and reflected in the special area business inside. At the same time hold JCT customers can also enjoy the platform launched a variety of periodic activities income, such as locking (mining) income, jadeite raw materials open stone income, etc. JCT will open the world’s first composite financial assets digitization of the first, in the USDT and the dollar constantly over-issued today, the debut of JCT will change the new pattern of the digital financial world.

(News from Toutiao News Platform, Translated by MOAC Autonomous Community)