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CALIFORNIA, UNITED STATES, November 22, 2021 / — Realtize, a US-based regulated digital marketplace for digitized assets, announced a cooperation agreement with MOAC to prepare for STO issuance. The two parties reached a consensus on actively promoting the mission and aims of MOAC.

Since its establishment, MOAC Technology has aimed to actively promote the development of blockchain technology and facilitate the application of technological innovation and the blockchain industry.

About MOAC
MOAC Blockchain, launched in 2015, is a revolutionary platform with a multi-blockchain smart contract and P2P service network to successfully build and scale decentralized applications. It is a stable and safe top-level bottom protocol with over 220 applications and 3 million users since its development three years ago. The project has been held in high esteem in China due to its technical capability and performance.

“In a blockchain system like Ethereum, there’s no difference between a balance transfer transaction and a smart contract transaction. All the transactions are handled at the global level, thus significantly limiting the TPS and the system-level performance. “said MOAC Chief Business Development Officer Ryan Wang in an interview with a Forbes writer.

MOAC Projects: Super-Bound System, XBLOX Cross-Chain platform, and Super-Bound Tree Storage.
However, the exceptional MOAC blockchain is not the only development of the company. Recently, the company has developed the following projects: the Super-Bound system, XBLOX cross-chain platform, and Super-bound Tree storage.

The Super-Bound system incorporates different elements to ensure the traceability function of the deposit certificate and the ability to conduct actual time traceability queries on the uplink data.

However, XLBOX is a decentralized cross-chain platform that supports cross-chain DeFi applications. It is committed to opening up the information flow between public chains of multiple blockchains and providing a broader connection scheme for various DeFi applications on a Decentralized exchange system.

XBLOX supports liquid pools. Users holding XBX, a token from transactions made on the XBLOX, can initiate currency loading proposals and create transaction pairs through the governance process.

Although XBLOX is a decentralized cross-chain blockchain platform, it can widely support various DeFi applications, transaction payments, and settlement functions through its decentralized cross-chain transactions and communications.

Next is Super Bound Tree Storage, a certificate decentralized storage service that innovates and integrates the exclusive scientific research achievement of MOAC technology. It operates on the reliable collection, storage, convenient verification, and traceability of data certificates in an all-around way. It is widely used for cross-chain information sharing in multiple application scenarios such as commodity traceability, bill circulation, and data retrieval.

MOAC Mission and Goals

The goal of MOAC technology is to become the underlying primary protocol technology company providing the global value of the Internet. In the end, there will be massive development in the field of Blockchain, which is an excellent opportunity for enterprises to develop into new Internet giants.

MOAC Technology participated in the Digital Intellectual Property Platform Project in China. The Digital Intellectual Property Platform Project has been operating stably for many years and is the only suitable technical structure for trading platforms for digital assets.
MOAC can participate in the project and be expanded horizontally to various digital assets and blockchain trading platforms in the future.

MOAC Highlights

● Unique Technical Architecture
The MOAC Technology blockchain Platform ensures various businesses’ privacy, security, high speed, reliability, and scalability.

● Number of national patents
The platform can meet various needs of business enterprises.

● Ecological Development Advantage
The stable running of the Blockchain for more than seven years and runs more than 220 applications with more than 3 million users denote its development.

● Market Potential
Blockchain will become the underlying infrastructure of the digital world in the future.

Tokens and Investments.
Realtize helps MOAC issue equity tokens,$7,500,000 equity investment through asset securities on Realtize’s platform.
Equity tokens are issued under US regulation and powered by blockchain digital assets; each investor could invest with Min $1,000
For more information:

Realtize is a next-generation digital investment platform specializing in digitizing and investing assets into a global network driven by blockchain technology.
Realtize offers the simplicity of fund-raising, cost-effectiveness, and access to capital markets-based finance. It builds an infrastructure that meets business standards and expands the blockchain ecosystem into various sectors.
According to Realtize, they believe MOAC STO is a blockchain platform that can outperform “Ethereum.” The esteem of importance of the MOAC STO in the blockchain community was shown when it went live on mainnet on April 30, and its community gained almost 100,000 members via social media. Jerry Li, CEO of Realtize, said, “Realtize is glad to be involved in blockchain that will give value to the internet, has the potential for business expansion into internet giants and also for investment purposes.”

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