On August 11, 2021, The CEO of MOAC Technology, Mr. Xiaohu Chen, attended the press conference for the launch of REALTIZE and gave a speech about “Introduction of XBLOX Cross-chain DEFI Platform”.

By MOAC Autonomous Community, Sep 16

Recently, Shanghai Moheng technology (Sub-branch of MOAC Inc) officially received the “Double Soft Certification ” from China software enterprise evaluation (CSPE). In order to encourage the development of software industry and integrated circuit industry, a number of policy and the assessment were implemented by local government. Moheng Technology has successively won the” software product certificate “and” the certificate of software enterprise “, this is the proof of Moheng’s technical strength by local authority and industry experts.

On July 16, 2021, Manke reached a strategic cooperation with the new landmark of Weihai — №1 Golden Beach. In the future, both sides will make active and in-depth exploration in the combination of real estate marketing and the ecological development of Manke. The conclusion of this strategic cooperation will also provide new ideas and channels for the investment and real estate of Manke members.

  • Manke is a common platform for Token, service booking and advertising based on blockchain technology. The foundation of Manke business model is a new integration ecosystem based on MOAC technology.
  • MAQ: is the token issued…

At the beginning of August 2021, Suzhou Haowanjia franchise nodes were formally connected to the retail trusted data platform “Yikong chain”. Haowanjia is a comprehensive wholesaler focusing on beverages, snack foods and condiments, covering more than 1000 small retail stores, which is expected to achieve nearly 50 million RMB sales revenue throughout the year.

A complete set of “SaaS + block-chain + big data” system independently developed by Yikong chain and fully owned independent intellectual property rights is a mobile ordering and trusted data platform based on the underlying technology of block-chain tailored for FMCG wholesalers and retail stores, which…

Recently, Moheng technology (MOAC affiliate in China) signed a cooperation agreement with University of Shanghai for Science and Technology. Shanghai Moheng Network Technology Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as Moheng Technology) was jointly founded by experts from Silicon Valley. It is one of the world’s top full stack block-chain team with seven years of R & D experience and have applied for nearly 20 intellectual property invention patents, passed the national high-tech enterprise certification and ISO quality management system certification. Shanghai University of technology is an applied research university integrating the coordinated development of engineering, science, economics, management, literature, law…

Recently, MOAC announced a cooperation agreement with Realtize, an emerging digital investment bank, to prepare for STO issuance. The two parties reached a consensus on actively promoting the development of blockchain technology and facilitating the application of technology innovation and blockchain industry, and will carry out a series of cooperation on assets and industry.

About Moac

Founded in 2014, its core team consists of a group of Chinese blockchain technology experts active in Silicon Valley and industry interconnection, big data areas. …

About Xswap in TP (TokenPocket) Wallet:

It is a cross chain aggregation flash exchange platform hatched by tokenpocket, which integrates the functions of decentralized flash exchange, aggregation transaction, one-stop cross chain, etc. Users can complete decentralized real-time transaction without authentication, and complete the real-time exchange of multi chain assets in tokenpocket.

Xswap’s cross chain aggregation flash exchange platform will open up the cross chain liquidity channel of mainstream public chain assets, provide one-stop cross chain services for users and projects, and is also the future cross chain traffic gathering place of leading public chain.

Following is the instruction of exchanging…

If liquidity is added in SWAP, there is a certain probability that the project party can get the air drop. So how to add liquidity? First you have to own the trade pair. For example, let’s take Cookie Swap adding MOAC/HCF liquidity as an example.

1. Open Cookie Swap

Open MOAC wallet at TP Wallet, Click “Discovery” in DAPP search and open https://cookieswap.moacdex.net

MOAC Autonomous Community

MOAC is a public blockchain platform designed with multilayer architecture to bring about the commercial application of blockchains. https://www.moac.io

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